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ALOUD: "Balls to the Wall"

ALOUD: "Balls to the Wall"

We need to see the president kicking ass behind the scenes if he indeed kicks ass behind the scenes so dang much!

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As with (probably) all episodes this season, this second pod back revisits the current events topic of the previous week’s CeeGees Substack newsletter (at CeeGees.org): President Biden’s age. 

BONUS asides (informed by events that took place since last week’s CeeGees) include commentary on the need for the president’s team to SHOW-DON’T-TELL us that Joe can still do the job at a high level. We need to see him kicking ass behind the scenes if he indeed kicks ass behind the scenes so dang much!

Then Dean narrates aloud last Friday February 9th's CeeGees.org Substack newsletter, which asks readers and listeners, “What was your musical heaven growing up? Specifically the record store where you rushed to after school every Tuesday to devour all the new albums that had come out that day?” 

And after discussing “the age thing,” the “Pick a Number” music segment breaks down Kiss’s complicated relationship with Germany and Dean’s complicated relationship with Peter Criss’s 1978 solo album.

This week's articles to explore further:

New York Times (gift link included to bypass paywall): "Opinion: Biden’s Age Is a Campaign Problem, Not a Governing One" by Michelle Goldberg (https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/12/opinion/joe-biden-age-campaign.html?unlocked_article_code=1.V00.AXdg.go7Jo1x1MTpR&smid=url-share)

New York Times (gift link included to bypass paywall): "I’m a Neuroscientist. We’re Thinking About Biden’s Memory and Age in the Wrong Way." (https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/12/opinion/neuroscientist-on-biden-age-memory.html?unlocked_article_code=1.V00.sKLm.WadMpQIx8KP4&smid=url-share)


CeeGees Aloud: where together we try to figure out how to find Common Ground, forge Common Good, and fight Corporate Greed in this absurdist 21st century society of ours.

And to help the medicine go down, we discuss classic rock, classic pop, classic country, and, especially, '80s metal. (OK fine, call it "hair metal" if you must...)

CeeGees Aloud is 50% narration of the previous week's CeeGees.org Substack newsletter, and 50% check-in on the current events discussed in that newsletter.

Theme music: Faith in Phantoms' "Let It Go"

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Let's find Common Ground to forge Common Good and fight Corporate Greed. And then dish about hair metal (and other lesser music genres).