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ALOUD: "Brick by Boring Brick"

ALOUD: "Brick by Boring Brick"

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: I needed a reset this week, so here’s the podcast covering last week’s newsletter, and next Friday March 1 the newsletter will return. Thanks for listenin’!]

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Starting this episode, we narrate the dang newsletter first, then revisit the current events piece for an update on what’s gone down since the newsletter was published the Friday before.

In Dean’s recitation of last Friday February 16th's CeeGees.org Substack newsletter, he reckons with the curse of record collector completism, goes local to spotlight the singer from Paramore’s ballsy call-out of the Tennessee House, and looks back at some personal experiences with this week’s super-heavy (but melodic) Top Slice of the CeeGees proverbial music/news/music s#!t sandwich.

Looking back, then, on Tennessee politics, we suggest a podcast on which a writer for The Atlantic, Anne Applebaum, talks about her article “Is Tennessee a Democracy?” (Hint: the answer could be “no,” but…it ain’t great.)

This week's media to explore further:

The Tennessean: “Paramore's Hayley Williams decries TN GOP after Allison Russell resolution dustup”


The Tennessee Holler Podcast: “Anne Applebaum Asks, ‘Is Tennessee a Democracy?’”

On Spotify:

On Apple Podcasts:

The Atlantic: “Is Tennessee a Democracy?” (gift link) https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2023/07/tennessee-republican-partisanship-one-party-state/674732/?gift=g4VZR7q4r0asHoB9wEmtBSJkYmKih_6QA9kcFt662mY&utm_source=copy-link&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share 


CeeGees Aloud: where together we try to figure out how to find Common Ground, forge Common Good, and fight Corporate Greed in this absurdist 21st century society of ours.

And to help the medicine go down, we discuss classic rock, classic pop, classic country, and, especially, '80s metal. (OK fine, call it "hair metal" if you must...)

CeeGees Aloud is 50% narration of the previous week's CeeGees.org Substack newsletter, and 50% check-in on the current events discussed in that newsletter.

Theme music: Faith in Phantoms' "Let It Go" (


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Let's find Common Ground to forge Common Good and fight Corporate Greed. And then dish about hair metal (and other lesser music genres).