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ALOUD: "For the Love of Money"

ALOUD: "For the Love of Money"

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Last week’s Substack CeeGees.org newsletter version of this episode:


In this audio version of last Friday March 8th’s CeeGees.org Substack newsletter, we provide a refreshed rundown of the mission of the newsletter and podcast—which is to “…find Common Ground, forge Common Good, and fight Corporate Greed.”

That’s the tagline, but it’s tough to implement the harder work it’ll take to actually move the needle. (It’s definitely gonna take more than just me bellyaching from my bedroom…)

And then, next stop on the vintage cassette collection tour is Scorpions’ World Wide Live. And artificial intelligence picked “Shake & Tumble” by Firehouse to mull over for our final segment (inspired by the “Recollection Records: Music That’s Entered My Head Out of Nowhere” Spotify playlist).

A couple links to check out from the current events portion of our program:

In Biden’s 2024 State of the Union, he said:

“Wall Street didn’t build America. They’re not bad guys—they didn’t build it, though. The middle class built this country. And unions built the middle class.”

Joe ad-libbed the “They’re not bad guys” part. Read the speech as it was written here, and then read the transcript of what he actually said here.


CeeGees Aloud: where together we try to figure out how to find Common Ground, forge Common Good, and fight Corporate Greed in this absurdist 21st century society of ours.

And to help the medicine go down, we discuss classic rock, classic pop, classic country, and, especially, '80s metal, too. (OK fine, call it "hair metal" if you must...)

Theme music:
Faith in Phantoms' "Let It Go"

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Let's find Common Ground to forge Common Good and fight Corporate Greed. And then dish about hair metal (and other lesser music genres).